Provably Protect Marketing Platform For African Safari Companies

Empower Your Safari Business To Reach More Clients

6 Influential Tools All Included Free When You Buy A Provably Protect Property

Post Your Photos/Videos To Our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

Social media is of course an amazing way to get the word out about your African safari business.

Send us your wildlife sightings photos and videos and we post them to all our social media channels on your behalf.

See a breakdown of Provably Protect Facebook statistics...

Create A NFT Photo/Art Collection

Wildlife photo/art NFTs can provide a royalty income for your business as well as increasing exposure for your safaris.

Let us create and mint a collection of 8 NFTs for you from your own wildlife photographs or artworks.

Here's how to get a NFT collection for your business...

Become A Preferred Supplier

When someone buys a Provably Protect digital property, the likelihood that they might want to visit that area on an actual safari increases.

If your business provides safari services in the area the property is located in, you can be listed as a preferred supplier if the property owner contacts Provably Protect for a travel proposal.

Add Your Client Reviews To African Safari Journals

African Safari Journals was one of the first safari review websites, created way back in 2003, and it has received millions of visitors over the years.

Reviews have since grown to become one of the best ways to introduce a business to new clients and increase trust.

Send us your client reviews and we post them on African Safari Journals for you.

Add Your Guide Profiles To Top Safari Guides

The guide is one of the most important components of any African safari trip, so it makes sense to introduce clients to your guides using a biography profile.

Potential safari travellers have been getting introduced to Top Safari Guides since the website was launched in 2016.

Send your safari guide biography profiles to us and we will add them to Top Safari Guides for you.

Add A Listing To Wifi On Safaris

If you provide safari accommodation of any kind and you have a wifi connection available for your guests, then we will add your establishment to the Wifi On Safaris website.

How Wildlife Sightings Photos And Videos Can Help Your Business On Social Media

People Love Wildlife Sightings Photographs and Videos

The above might seem like a radical statement to make, but the numbers back it up. Take a look at the Provably Protect social media statistics to see why.

So how does this benefit your safari business?

By sending us your own wildlife sightings pictures and videos, we post them to all our social media channels and give you brand exposure and links to your website.

Your sightings build credibility and trust with future safari clients and help you to convert them into bookings when they are ready to travel.

Provably Protect Social Media Statistics

Facebook Groups

  • Kruger Sightings - 180 000 + members
  • Etosha Sightings - 40 000 +
  • Hluhluwe Imfolozi Sightings - 10 000 +
  • Safari Guides Sightings - 5000 +
  • Addo Elephant Sightings - 4700 +

Cost To Use The Provably Protect Marketing Platform

Expand Your Safari Business Reach

Buy a Provably Protect property for your business to the value of $US130 and you can make use of all six tools included on the marketing platform.

You can request the location of your property to be anywhere (as long as there is a boundry road somewhere along it) in any one of the 20 African national parks or game reserves that they are available for sale in.

By using some, or all of the tools and strategies outlined above, you can significantly increase awareness of your business among potential clients.

To get started, please add your information to the form and Provably Protect will contact you to pinpoint the location of your new property and more details on exactly how to implement the six powerful marketing tools and strategies for your business.

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