How Much Does It Cost To Use The Virtual Tour Creator?

You can gain access to the virtual tour creator by purchasing a Provably Protect property in one of the 20 top national parks and game reserves in Africa.

The properties are available at various prices, check the Provably Protect property map to find out the cost of a plot in the area you are interested in.

After buying your property you will get access to the virtual tour platform software to create your own virtual tour.

90% of the initial property purchase price gets contributed towards wildlife conservation, so your purchase will also be for a good cause.

What Happens When I Sell My Property?

As long as you still own one Provably Protect property, the hosting of your virtual tour will continue indefinitely.

But if you were to sell the last property you own then your virtual tour creator hosting will be deactivated, and your virtual tour stored for a period of one year. If you buy a new property within that time frame your stored virtual tour can then be reactivated again on that new property.

If you haven't bought a new property within a year’s time your virtual tour will be deleted.

Please note that there is no guarantee of being able to sell your property, it all depends on market forces.

How To Create The Virtual Tour?

You don't need any technical skills to create a virtual tour on the Provably Protect Platform. Everything is easy to understand and quick to do using a virtual tour creator wizard.

To qualify to use the virtual tour platform you need to be the owner of a Provably Protect property and have completed the form before (if you don't have a crypto wallet) or after your purchase (crypto wallet owners), so that we can email the relevant login details to you, and allocate the virtual tour creator to the correct property.

What's The 10% Discount For Provably Protect Property Owners?

When you buy a digital property, you become a member of the Provably Protect community, and you will be eligible for a 10% travel discount if you ever decide to go on an African safari to visit the physical area covered by your digital real estate.

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