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Most Expensive Wildlife & Virtual Property NFT List

Sales in the NFT industry as a whole skyrocketed to an amazing $22 billion in 2021 (Source - DappRadar). So it's very clear that people are finding value in owning NFT's and are willing to spend money on them.

The wildlife photography, art and virtual property niche is still a very young but growing part of this larger token space, so here's a list of how some of their particular sales are doing at the moment (this list is updated periodically).

Top 5 Most Expensive Wildlife Photograph NFTs Sold

  1. Harambe - Gorilla (record breaking amount)
    Harambe was a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. On May 28th, 2016, zoo officials sadly made the decision to kill Harambe after a three-year-old boy made his way into the moat at the Gorilla World habitat. Photograph taken by Harambe's official photographer Jeff McCurry.
    $86 510
  2. Same Storm, Different Boats - Ant
    This photograph was taken by Matt Doogue in his old garden bird bath which was underneath a blossom tree. It took hundreds of shots to get the ant in the correct space.
    $29 320
  3. Migration - Zebra And Wildebeest Crossing A River
    This photograph was taken by Emmett Sparling on the bank of the Emboo River in Kenya where he was waiting for the wildebeest and zebra to cross the muddy, croc-infested water.
    $11 263
  4. Oceans - Humpback Whale
    This photograph was taken by Emmett Sparling after 17 days of searching in the South Pacific for an elusive Humpback Whale.
    $10 451
  5. The Tiger Goddess
    This image of two tigers fighting won the 2019 Wildlife Award at Natures Best Photography. Taken by Rahul Sachdev.

Top 5 Most Expensive Wildlife Art NFTs Sold

  1. Overgrown
    Artwork from the multi-awarded series 'Tale of the Blue Pear' depicting wildlife such as elephant, cheetah and flamingo inside a hallway of a house overgrown with green vegetation and flowers.
    $11 042
  2. Day After Yesterday
    Another artwork from the 'Tale of the Blue Pear' series, this one depicting a zebra in a garden covered with carefully manicured green grass surrounded by trees, vegetation, sweets on sticks and various other animals and birds including a pink elephant.
  3. Head In The Sky
    A zebra with a detachable head standing on a typical African savannah plain surrounded by four hot air balloons in the blue, cloud covered sky.
  4. Relieve
    Over 25 species of wildlife represented in this piece depicted in ice blue.
  5. Silence
    Owner and dog walking through a forest leaving footprints in deep snow.

Top 5 Most Expensive Virtual Real Estate Properties Sold

  1. Bought in The Sandbox by Republic Realm (record breaking amount)
    $4.3 million
  2. Bought in Decentraland by Metaverse Group
    $2.43 million
  3. Decentraland
    $1.08 million
  4. Decentraland
    $1.04 million
  5. Decentraland
    $927 000

How To Create And Sell Your Own Wildlife NFTs

Provably Protect makes it very easy to sell your own collection of wildlife photograph or art NFTs.

We create a collection page for you (see an example photography collection) / (see an example art collection), set up and run your auction (see examples), and register your images on the blockchain to create the NFTs. All of this is done at no charge to you.

Here's some more detailed information about how to become a collection creator on the Provably Protect platform.

This is a huge opportunity to monetize your wildlife photographs or artworks and help conservation at the same time, get in touch with us to take advantage of it today.