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Joan Martin Collection Of Wildlife Art NFTs

I love encouraging established and budding artists to explore experimental techniques with a variety of media to help express their unique creativity. Experimentation and making marks is what drives me in my artistic journey.

Too many people see art as a product instead of an experience. Experimentation and play are vital parts of learning. If you are not prepared to make mistakes you won’t learn.

Since the late 80's I have taught art at high school level at various Durban schools in Kwazulu- Natal, South Africa. I am presently teaching at Reddam House Umhlanga an International private school. Since 2009 I have been actively involved in both local and international exhibitions.

Various local art studios and galleries have invited me to run adult workshops and present talks about art. I have taught online art lessons for various international art associations since 2018.

One of my biggest rewards is not only seeing an improvement in the technical quality of my students’ work, but also watching them use art to solve conceptual and emotional problems.

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Lycaon Pictus

Hi-res image dimensions: 3024x 4032
Download size: 5.15 MB

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Wild Dog Sitting

Hi-res image dimensions: 2821 x 3362
Download size: 3.83 MB

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40% of the proceeds from the first sale of this photograph, and 4% from every sale after that is contributed to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

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So buy a wildlife NFT and downloadable hi-res image in this collection, and when you sell it keep 90% of the proceeds for yourself.