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Floriana Lisena Wildlife Art NFT Collection

I'm a self taught artist, born in Italy in 1984, I've liked drawing since I was a child and really love animals. I enjoy travelling worldwide with my partner in love (a wildlife photographer) looking for animals, and during safaris we had the chance to admire lions, leopards, jaguars, elephants and more.

These wild encounters really impressed me so I devote my art to nature, indeed in 2018 I've started drawing hyperrealistic animal portraits with graphite and charcoal. With my works I want to show the amazing beauty of nature and the charisma of great animals to make them loved, respected and protected.

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Title: Baby Gorilla

Hi-res image dimensions: 3614 x 4074
Download size: 1.43 MB

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Title: Portrait Leopard

Hi-res image dimensions: 5078 x 3661
Download size: 1.50 MB

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40% of the proceeds from the first sale of this photograph, and 4% from every sale after that is contributed to Kenya Wildlife Trust.

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So buy a wildlife NFT and downloadable hi-res image in this collection, and when you sell it keep 90% of the proceeds for yourself.

Title: Snow Queen

Hi-res image dimensions: 8858 x 5963
Download size: 2.63 MB

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Title: Sumatran Tiger

Hi-res image dimensions: 4954 x 3275
Download size: 5.96 MB

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